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Impedance Applet Interface

Impedance may be embedded within your own web page using the following HTML tags:

<applet code="Impedance.class" width=600 height=400>
<PARAM NAME="noText" VALUE=true>
<PARAM NAME="network" VALUE="(R(1E2)+C(1E-6))+L(3E-2)" >

The network parameter string allows the HTML author to specify the initial network. The noText parameter allows the HTML author to hide the interactive text field that is displayed at the top of the applet. JavaScript can then be used to change the network.

Impedance may be scripted using the following Java method call:

Deployment  contains the necessary class files to embed Impedance into your web page.  You may be downloaded this applet for noncommercial use by students and faculty at accredited not-for-profit educational institutions. You should place copies of the uncompressed class files in the class directory so that browsers that do not support the archive tag will be able to run the applet.

Use the codebase tag if the Impedance.class file is in a different directory than the HTML page that uses the applet. (See applet documentation from Sun.) All Java packages used by Impedance must be in subdirectories at the same level as the animator package.

Impedance was written and compiled using Java 1.01.

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