Physlet Books and Articles


Physlets: Teaching with Interactive Curricular Material by Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni.  This book can be ordered from on-line booksellers.  It is also available from your Prentice Hall textbook representative.

A Spanish edition of the Physlets book will soon be available.

See also the Physlet-related material is Just-in-Time Teaching by Gregor Novak, Evelyn Patterson, Andy Gavrin and Wolfgang Christian.  This book is available from a Prentice Hall sales representative.  It can also be ordered from various on-line book sellers.


    Java Programming and Internet Technologies for Undergraduate Education, W. Christian, Computer Physics Communications, 127 16-22 (2000)

     Physlets: Delivering Media-Focused Problems Anytime Anywhere, W. Christian, Computer Physics Communications, 121-122 (1-3) pp. 569-572 (1999)

     Educational Software and the Sisyphus Effect, W. Christian, Computers in Science and Engineering, 3, pp 5-7, (1999)

       Animated FCI.  Adobe PDF format.

       CISE Software Awards Article.  Adobe PDF format.

         Using Physlets to Teach Electrostatics, S. W. Bonham, J. S. Risley, and W. Christian, The Physics Teacher, 37, 276-280 (1999)

         Developing Web-Based Curricula Using Java Applets, W. Christian and A. Titus, Computers in Physics, Computers in Physics, 11, 436  (1998)

         Developing a Computer-Rich Curriculum at a Liberal Arts College, W. Christian, Computers in Physics, Computers in Physics, 11, 436  (1997)

         WebPhysics:  Delivering  Curricular Material using the World Wide Web, Proceedings of the International Conference on Undergraduate Physics Education. (Redish and Rigden editors.) p 417-430, (1997). American Institute of Physics Press, Woodbury NY


Physlet Problems are available on the following Prentice Hall Companion Websites.

         Physics: Principles with Applications by Douglas Giancoli

        Physics for Scientists and Engineer by Douglas Giancoli.

       College Physics by Jerry Wilson and Anthony Buffa.