Physics 200 and Physics 396

"U.S. Army Photo", from K. Kempf, "Historical Monograph: Electronic Computers Within the Ordnance Corps" The ENIAC, in BRL building 328.

Instructor: Dr. Wolfgang Christian Office: Dana 113 1998 Syllabus
PY 200: Computational Physics
Introduction to computer programming and simulations emphasizing problem solving in science, program writing and the use of statistical differential, integral, graphical and numerical methods in science. Students will become proficient in Microsoft Windows programming using the Borland Delphi programming environment.

Prerequisite: Physics 120 or 130 at Davidson or permission of the instructor.

PY 395, 396 Independent Study
Open to students with substantial backgrounds in physics with written permission from a supervising professor who reviews and approves the study topic. The independent study typically culminates in a written paper and/or an oral presentation.
Computational physics honors theses. CIP Software.

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