Impedance calculator.

Copyright 1997 Harry Broeders.

Enter your own electrical network and the applet will draw the impedance graph! See here for instructions how to enter an electrical network.

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Instructions how to enter an electrical network.

This impedance calculator can only calculate the impedance graph for passive networks. This means that the only components you can use are:

A value can be entered in scientific notation. For example 1E3 or 3E-6. The decimal dot is not supported so a value of 1.25 should be entered as 125E-2.

With the three components R, C and L you can create electrical networks by connecting them in parallel (entered as // or /) or in series (entered as +). // has precedence over +. You can use ( and ) to specify the precedence.

For example: The following electrical network:
Example of an electrical network
Should be entered as: (R(100)+L(3E-4))//(R(100)+C(1E-6))

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