Sample problem

You are on a ferris wheel that is rotating at the rate of 1 revolution every 8 seconds. The operator of the ferris wheel decides to bring it to a stop, and puts on the brake. The brake produces a constant acceleration of -0.11 radians/s2.

(a) If your seat on the ferris wheel is 4.2 m from the center of the wheel, what is your speed when the wheel is turning at a constant rate, before the brake is applied?

(b) How long does it take before the ferris wheel comes to a stop?

(c) How many revolutions does the wheel make while it is coming to a stop?

(d) How far do you travel while the wheel is slowing down?

qo = 0

q = ?

wo = 0.785 rad/s

w = 0

a = -0.11 rad/s2