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Physlet resources for teaching are now on ComPADRE.

You will be re-directed to the
Physlet Physics 3E site on ComPADRE
which has resources for teaching that
run in modern browsers
run on computers, laptops, tablets, and phones.

The resources on this page require Java applet functionality, which is no longer supported.

If you have not been redirected, click here:  https://www.compadre.org/physlets/



A CD to accompany the book

Physlets: Teaching Physics with Interactive Curricular Material

by Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni.

Updated archive to support the 4th Printing of Physlets

Physlets, i.e., the Java applets themselves, are a registered trademark of Wolfgang Christian. 

Physlet problems, i.e., the text and associated script, are copyrighted by Prentice Hall, the problem author, or are in the public domain.  Unless otherwise noted, the Physlet problems on this CD are copyrighted by Prentice Hall.

Additional Physlets may be viewed on the Davidson College WebPhysics server and on Prentice Hall Companion Websites.  The following texts currently provide Physlet problems

This archive contains JavaScript and Java Applets that may not run on all browsers. Please make sure you have a Java 1.1 capable browser.  Recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla support scripting of Java 1.1 applets.  All Physlets have been tested on Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla 1.5 on Windows 2000 and XP.  Please consult your browser documentation for additional information.  

Windows users:  Version 4.08 of Netscape Navigator is available on this CD in a subdirectory named Netscape.  We recommend that users download a more recent browser such as the open-source Mozilla browser, http://www.mozilla.org.

Mac users:  Although both Java 1.1 and JavaScript are currently implemented on all major platforms, the ability of JavaScript to communicate with a Java applet is still problematic on Apple computers. Physlets will run in interactive mode, that is, without script, using the latest Apple Java Virtual Machine. However, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 for the Mac still does not support JavaScript to Java communication.  We believe that this problem will shortly be solved on Mac OSX (Panther) using the Safari browser.

Please view the README  text file in the root of the CD  for more information.

The following authors have contributed problems to this archive:

  • Scott Bonham
  • Dan Boye
  • Morten Brydensholt
  • Laura Cupples
  • Larry Martin
  • Taha Mzoughi
  • Evelyn Patterson
  • Aaron Titus

Physlets have been funded, in part, by NSF (DUE-9752365).